Friday, August 31, 2012

Its just a nine but i keep it clean!

J-DUB here, I try my best to keep all my firearms clean and oiled and tonight i tried a few new products on my Ruger LC9. The first one was Tetra Gun Action Blaster! It is a degreaser and cleaner, I picked it up for $5.99 at Rural King. Verdict is....... it works great to get all that old grime and oil out of every crevice and it even has a fresh pine scent. The second product was Lucas Gun Oil, the Lucas name has a great reputation in synthetic lubricants and this one stands up to that name. Works smooth as silk. Overall I am very happy with both products so I give them the Inner Redneck seal of approval. Well thats all for now, hope this review was helpful!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ming Yang CL60 Review

For one I'm always open to trying new products and Inner Redneck likes new toys. I've been fishing with this Ming Yang CL60 for a month or so now and really like it. If your thinking about one of these don't think you are getting an Abu Garcia or Shimano for a third the price. The Ming Yangs are a very good reel at a very pleasing price. They cast very well and the clicker is loud. Also the drag is smooth. What matters most is that if someone asked me if I would recommend one I would in a heart beat.

Monday, August 13, 2012